Faith, and Any Other Thing You’d Like To Talk About

Faith, and Any Other Thing You’d Like To Talk About

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Let me begin by saying how delighted I am that you would take the time to stop by my little slice of cyberspace. Since you are here I will assume that you, like me, are a person that has a life full of ups and downs. I sometimes find myself on the mountain top while at other times I am deep in a valley. That is when I find my faith is put to the test, when I’m at my lowest.

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Throughout these days I have often looked to other people and assume that they have life figured out. Those glowing people that never seem to miss a step, always shining bright. As I have grown, I have learned that those people are all the same. They, like everyone else, have times of doubt and despair. Feelings of inadequacy crop up in all of us from time to time. This is the truth of our nature.

imageWhat qualifies me then, since we all share these qualities, to give advice or my thoughts on the matter? Nothing. I simply have a need to help people while I am here on this earth. If I can give you some encouragement to get you through the low times then I have done my part.

I should also tell you upfront that I am a Christian. That is the one thing that gets me through the hard times. Even though I am saved, I find that my faith can fall miserably short. I can leave church on Sunday with my spirit renewed and the world can beat me back down by Monday evening. This is common to other Christians as well, regardless of what they may tell you.

The apostle Paul told the Romans that which he would do, he did not and that which he hated, he did. I am that way too. This is why I say I am occasionally optimistic. It’s not that I don’t believe what Christ taught, it’s that I let this flesh get in the way of what I know to be true. That is why you and I need each other. Maybe my occasional scribblings will get you through a bad day, and then when my faith is waning , you can pick me up. Isn’t that, after all, what friends are for?

9 Replies to “Faith, and Any Other Thing You’d Like To Talk About”

  1. I really enjoy your blogs! There has been something in each one of them that has been an encouragement to me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

  2. Beautiful. The struggle is real! Growing up my family would leave church at noon and start screaming in each others’ faces by three o clock. It was rough and difficult for my spiritual journey, I wanted church everyday, it was my refuge. We do need one another to maintain our faith, I try to be that as mom for my kids on Sunday, it’s a day I prioritize love the most.

    But it’s true I need my own support system as my spirituality sways…I was so blessed in my time in Alabama that I had an amazing small group to fall back on Monday evenings. 🙂 I will definitely miss that and them the most!

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