The Story of An Unfaithful Dog

The Story of An Unfaithful Dog

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One early morning this week I stepped out the front door and there waiting for me was our family dog, Charlie.  This would not have been unusual but as of late Charlie has been prone to wander.  For you who have not lived in the country, many of us here try not to put our dogs in bondage.  I think it is because that folks out here live here because of the open space and the freedom that comes with it.  To look at the beauty that surrounds us and then tell our canines to remain caged up at home and not enjoy a romp through the woods seems heartless.  This unleashed hound theory can, however, find it’s way into your wallet.  This could be in the form of replacing a neighbor’s work boots that were left, invitingly, on his porch or in the shape of a downed rooster which apparently become very valuable when they pass on.

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Charlie had been gone for a few days and had been spotted from time to time by concerned neighbors who would hate to see Charlie meet his end from a pack of coyotes or even worse a Sasquatch.  It was still dark out this morning so I could just make out the silhouette of Charlie, not able to see the shock that would come as I reached to welcome him home.  As I petted his head and moved to scratch the nape of his neck I felt something there that Charlie has never sported before.  A collar!  Imagine the blow that came to me when I realized that our beloved Charlie,  who we raised from a pup, had been living a double life.  Somewhere some unwitting family had taken in our pet and probably named him Scout or Bandit or Fido and collared him to show their ownership.  Feelings of guilt raced through my mind as I drove on to work that morning.  Maybe I should have got him a collar.  Perhaps I should stop working so late and spend more time playing fetch.  Would it have been too much to ask to buy those jerky treats he loves so much?  At any rate, the die was cast.  My dog had become unfaithful.

I tell this story lightheartedly but in it I see some values that have been tossed aside in our world today.  Infidelity is so common in our marriages now.  No one gets in it for the long haul anymore.  I can find somewhere in north Alabama this weekend, probably at some country church, a couple that are celebrating that they have remained with the same person for fifty or sixty years.  I know that many will say that this is old-fashioned, that it can’t work in today’s society.  I believe that it is simply a matter of loyalty.  Things always seem a little better down the road but the truth is that dedication to your spouse and your family are admirable qualities that I believe God would have us pursue.  It is important when we consider our family life that we think about how our actions affect others.  I believe that this gets to the root of the problem.Lying eyes

We live in a world where we are told to take care of ourselves and go with what feels right at the time.  I would venture to say that those that have remained true for decades would say that it wasn’t always easy.  They stayed the course though and no doubt were blessed for their efforts.  In keeping with my theme of helping others, there is no better lift to my spirit than knowing that my wife has stayed with me this long.  When I consider this, my optimism level increases substantially.  So today if you are thinking on leaving your spouse or ditching your family know that there will be major repercussions.  Don’t be like Charlie. After all, he is a dog.

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