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To Create

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Sometimes, at my job, I hear an almost audible scream of frustration echoing through my head.  Oh, it’s a fine job with good pay and great benefits, certainly nothing to be ungrateful about.  I suspect that I am not alone in this sentiment.  I believe that many people today are unsatisfied in their work. It is not that we are lazy, it’s just that a little something is missing.  The daily minutiae that comes with a job can seemingly rob a person of their soul.  We find ourselves in a  rut where we have left off thinking all together.  We have to work to eat, I know, but it is my greatest fear that somehow I’ll get swallowed up in that.  In the end will I look back in regret that I didn’t work that extra hour of overtime.  I am no prophet and don’t know how my demise will come, but I suspect that if I have time to reflect it will not be on how much money I made.  The apostle Paul said that he had learned to be content in all things.  So is it right for me then to question my lot in life or just accept it?image

It is my belief that Paul meant that we should be happy where God has placed us.  I also believe that often we make decisions without consulting God and find ourselves in the wrong place.  Then discontent will surely follow simply because you are not working where you should.  The Industrial Revolution brought with it this idea of giving the company your best years and retiring.  It has not always been this way.  I am persuaded that the great discontent in America today is because our need to create is not being fulfilled. image

Mankind has an innate desire to compose that I believe was put there by the Creator.  Whether it be music, painting, woodworking, gardening, etc., we were put here to construct.  Why would God have us to do these things when he could have done them on his own?  I like to think that it pleases him for his creation, made in his image, to make beautiful things to give him glory.  Many that have known me for years may look and see just a working bum.  Why would a guy like me spend his time writing a blog?  What could I possibly have to say?  Maybe I just need to create a little something myself.  Maybe we all do.

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  1. Keep writing Chris Darden. Use this blog to speak your heart. We all have something to say. Our stories become our testimonies. You never know whose life you might touch by writing your thoughts.

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