Perfect Peace

Perfect Peace

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Early in the week my truck started acting strange.  If you are acquainted with older model vehicles like I am this kind of behavior is all to familiar.  To most people this would mean that it was time to see the mechanic.  I am not most people.  The warning signs that my ride was sending out simply meant I can get one more day out of it, no matter how many days I press forward.  I am a big believer in playing through the pain so why should my vehicle be treated any different.  So Wednesday afternoon I set out on my fifty mile commute home with no reason to doubt that my sputtering automobile would once again limp back to the cove in plenty of time to eat supper.  You would assume that hardheadedness would be gone by your forties.  Needless to say, somewhere just north of Trussville, Alabama ole Red coughed and faltered and called it a day.  Thanks to the wonder of technology this isn’t as much of a disaster as it used to be.  I could simply call my wife, let her know it might be late, and then call a tow truck.  Of course all of this calling would require a phone that was charged more than one percent (by now you know I didn’t have my charger) so my last words to my wife were send a tow truck to where I was.  Then I was faced with the overwhelming reality that I was stuck and had no way of knowing if help would come.  It was getting time to worry.image

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That old sick feeling stirred in my gut as I considered my situation.  There was a steady stream of gunners who all seemed to be heading to the same fire screaming by me as I watched helplessly out my truck window, like a sick child watching the other kids play in the yard from his bedroom window.  What was I going to do?  What if they couldn’t find me?  The chaos flying by me coupled with my own pitiful predicament only increased my anxiety.  Then a strange thing happened.  I looked toward the sky and saw fluffy white clouds strolling across a blue sky.  Then I noticed the many blooms on trees that painted both sides of the interstate.  I had not noticed any of these things before my truck and my phone gave out.  I felt a peace come over me at this time.  It was the same comfortable feeling that I often find when I consider God and his providential hand that has always taken care of me.  Suddenly my problem didn’t look so serious.  I knew at that moment that it would all work out.  Two hours later a tow truck arrived and hauled me and my broken carriage back to the woods where I belong.  I hope that through my lousy day you can see to simply give it all to God.  I don’t know what trouble you have today.  It may be much more serious than my car trouble but I know that God can give you peace.  After all, he is the author of it.

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  1. Thankyou Chris, I needed this, especially on Easter Morning!! Sometimes we need to stop and look around and see that light that God is wonderful and will help us in any situation if we would just slow down and take time to talk to him. His creations are wonderful and I am proud to be his servant! God bless and Happy Easter! He is Risen!

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