Happy Birthday Bill !

Happy Birthday Bill !

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Although we are not certain, it is believed that on April 23, 1564 William Shakespeare came into this world. In 1616, on April 23, he died.  We are all familiar with who Shakespeare was because at sometime in our schooling we were made to read one or more of his works.  I personally was too dense in those days to read good work and appreciate it.  Whether you like him or not, no one can argue that his life’s work is still touching people today.  As I consider his legacy today I can’t help but wonder what made him different.  Why, four hundred years later, do we still consider Shakespeare relevant?  Was he some extraordinarily gifted man that none of us could measure up to?  I think that we can see the truth in the sheer volume of work he composed.  I believe that, as is the case with any good work, Shakespeare spent a great deal of time honing his writing to present to the world.  I can see him toiling and sweating his way through endless hours of writing and editing in an effort to create the perfect piece to submit to readers. This is how great work is done, whatever the work may be.  It is through soul pouring effort like Shakespeare gave that true life is lived.  It is there in those times where we must decide “To be or not to be?”.image

strength and toning equipment

Three hundred and fifty eight years later, on April 23, I made my initial appearance on earth.  They tell me that it was a day filled with peril, including a near crash into a wandering farm animal (a horse or a cow, I can’t recall as I was not a very perceptive infant).  Forty two years later I am still running headlong into near disasters.  By God’s grace I am still here.  I make my living in anonymity and spend the time off with a few loved ones.  But occasionally I am inclined to ponder my legacy, like I am sure you do as well.  What will I leave behind? image

There is no shame in a man getting up everyday and supporting his family.  As a matter of fact, it used to be a shame when he did not, but we will save that one for another day.  I believe though, that we all want to leave a little more than that.  There is something engrained in the soul of mankind that wants to show others who we are.  It does not have to be some great masterpiece like Shakespeare wrote (which I think we all can agree is a good thing for me).  We all do, however, want to leave a little something behind.  Some may read my blog and wonder why I spend the time to do it.  It is simply my feeble effort to make a mark while I am here. I hope it may persuade you, in whatever manner you like, to do the same.  I hope you choose to be.



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