The Disappointment of A Rainout

The Disappointment of A Rainout

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Driving home from work late one night last week it started raining.  Then it really began to pour.  I persistently carried on through the blinding deluge because I was going away from work.  Had I been going to the job I am certain I would have turned and went back to the house. As I pressed on I could see the lights of a small town that I pass through on my commute.  As I got closer I could make out that the lights were coming from a baseball field.  There is a certain warm, familiar glow that springs up in me when I see a ballfield lit in the evening.  It is a reminder of those years gone by, the sights and smells that come from the diamond.  How simple things were in those days. Disappointment was something unfamiliar to us. We had our whole lives ahead and those evenings seemed like they would last forever.  Had I only known that with each inning that passed that I would soon leave it all behind.

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As I passed by the complex I could see that the tarp had been pulled onto the infield.  Cars and trucks were still parked around the place, no doubt filled with laughing kids and weary parents.  My heart then dropped as I considered the truth about what was about to be realized by all of those eager young athletes.  The one word that I remember brought disappointment, no matter if I was eight or eighteen, so many times on a spring or summer afternoon.  They were about to call it a “rainout”.image

Anticipation is the forerunner of hope.  It stirs our hearts to continue to beat because we can see that we have something better ahead.  As we get older the things that we look forward to may change but that excitement we felt going to the game or whatever it was for you is the same.  Disappointment is also something that has crept into our adult years.  Maybe it was the promotion you wanted that someone else got, or the vacation you planned that had to be cancelled.  It may have been something more serious than that.  It is in those times of let down that we must consider a greater scheme.

I believe that all things have purpose, although I know that sometimes that is difficult to see.  Ultimately, we must have faith that God is in control.  Surely if he can create and maintain this world and others then he can direct your paths for good.

We did not consider in our youth the necessity of the rain.  No doubt that while we pined over our calamity as the rain fell, somewhere on this earth children were starving due to drought.  Life is as much in the recovery from disappointment as it is in the elation of attainment.  So whatever downfall you have suffered lately let me encourage you to press on with determination.  I don’t remember if it was every time but I do recall there was usually an answer for the rainout.  They called it a make up.

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  1. I love this. The good ole days are right now. We just have to learn to slow down and appreciate them – easy to say, hard to do.
    My favorite line is: “Life is as much in the recovery from disappointment as it is in the elation of attainment.” Great insight, my friend.

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