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I wrote this a few years ago at a down time in my life.  I am not publishing this to bring you down.  I think it is good to look back sometimes and see where we were as opposed to where we are.  Maybe you are at low spot.  You do not have to stay there.  I have learned since I wrote this that so much of what I perceived that others thought of me was simply something that I put in my head.  The one thing I can control in this life is what I think of me.  That is the same for you.  I also know that, although we are all different, we also have thoughts that are the same.  I hope you are topping clouds in your life but if not, know that I can relate.  Don’t stay down.  I am pulling for you.

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Mediocrity defines my existence

Slumbering daily as I try just to breath

Perhaps the answers lie deep inside

or from some thinker of years gone by

I can not know what I am

Seeking as I do, finding nothing

The average dictates my being

I do not know me

Perhaps I am the poke easy from sandhills and pines

Whitman seemed to know himself

Maybe a year at Walden

would show me where truth lies

Perhaps this is the best

My belly is full, they tell me that is enough

Be grateful, you are warm and dry, forget about the rest

But there is something deeper

A seeking in a man’s soul

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There is a fine line between giving up and pushing forward

Who knows where I will end?

The boss will let me know my place

Almost four decades I have wandered this earth

and still I can’t see me

So I must search through the fog

for a truth I can not seem to envision

But I find this rock keeps spinning

Whether I find me or not, my breath is short

and I will end, in despair, if I don’t find my place

Who are you, reader, and what has that to do with me?

If you know me does that make me who I am?

Am I all of you or none, does your thought create me?

Without or within, I know not where to search

But will lumber on, striving for myself.

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