Coon Huntin’

Coon Huntin’

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The raccoon, a masked assailant

Peering out across the woods

His tail ringed with prison stripes

Waiting to unload someone’s goods


The party, seeking to apprehend

The beast that haunts their dreams

With yelping hound in tow

The rascal is doomed, it seems


The dogs unleashed, they set out on fire

To destroy the wretched foe

The coon it seems has no hope

His plight as sad as Poe


The hunters sit with bated breath

“That’s ole Blue” one declares

“He has treed at last, I can tell”

But another at him stares


“That ain’t Blue, you blasted fool,

Ole Jenny has found the felon”

Then the whole group erupts with private claims

There is much swearin’ and yellin’


A voice of reason calms the bunch

“Why don’t we go and see”

So the clan heads out to investigate

Just which dog has victory


Upon arrival at the tree

Where all the dogs point to the sky

The hunters shine their lights to see

If the villain is nearby


Eyes shine back from the very top

The victim of this wrangle

But there was something odd, in fact

By it’s tail the beast did dangle


Suddenly the group was stripped of pride

Where once it had been made to blossom

You see, dear friend, the trusty hounds

Had treed a grinning possum


The masked assailant looks on nearby

From his tree top house

But in the end the trip went well

They all had ditched their spouse

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