Forgotten Freedom

Forgotten Freedom

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I awoke this morning without the usual irritation that is an alarm clock (actually it is an alarm cell phone but I have trouble letting go of the past).  I got up to make some coffee, not because I need the push like I usually do but simply because I enjoy it.  Then I headed to the back porch to ease into this beautiful day. I have freedom from work today and I know why.

The warm morning Alabama air engulfed me as I exited from my manufactured climate that I spend too much time in.  I sat in my rocker that I purchased a few years ago from a backslid Amish man (I saw a power saw at his house) and begin to listen to all of my friends sing their anthem.  The blue jays were in their usual hurry, just flashing by me as they made their appointed rounds.  I spotted the mocking bird, mean and sarcastic as he is, sitting on a limb looking for some fellow Aves to torture.  It reminded me of my grandmother Darden and how when I took my bb gun to her house the one order I was given was do not kill her mockingbirds. Little did she know that I could not hit, and by no means kill, any bird in her yard with my Red Rider.  My next visitor this morning was ole br’er rabbit, who snuck out of the woods nervously and foraged close to the edge just in case he had to return to save his life.  He has probably ran into Charlie  before but he did not know that my unfaithful dog was out of town again.  A hummingbird came by and buzzed the feeder but when he spotted me, he bolted back to the other dimension where hummingbirds stay.  Finally I heard those blasted crows that have set out to destroy the first peach crop (if one tree makes a crop) that I have looked to have since I planted the tree.  What a splendid morning it was but now I must consider the price that was paid to enjoy this freedom.image

Today is Memorial Day in this country.  We set this day apart to remember our fallen heroes that gave their life so we can enjoy mornings on the back porch like the one I described.  Yesterday I went to the church that I chose and worshipped freely with no fear of any violence against me.  I know that most people around the world do not enjoy this kind of liberty.  We have taken for granted the freedom we have and forgotten the price that was paid to get it.  I seldom watch the news anymore but it never fails that when I do there will be some group burning a flag or complaining about how hard they have it in this country. No place is perfect here on Earth but it seems ironic to me that so many people lately seem to get out and voice a negative opinion of this nation while in many places around the world they would be jailed or worse for expressing their views.

I personally believe that we are now living off the blessings that our forefathers fought and prayed for and that it will soon be diminished by an ungrateful majority who do not understand how good we have it here. I still love America, perhaps I am even a patriot, and I believe we can still salvage this great idea of a free people.  I do not believe that this change will come through those that govern but by the governed.  So consider, if you have time, the many soldiers that fought and died so that you could smoke that brisket today.  It seems to me a shame if we do not.  I’ll be on the back porch with my friends if you need me.

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