6 Reasons to Appreciate Teachers

6 Reasons to Appreciate Teachers

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I usually try through this blog to give thoughts and share stories that can be beneficial to us all.  I normally do not target any specific group to inspire.  I have noticed lately one group of people in our society that do not get the respect or appreciation they deserve.  Teachers are undervalued in our country today.  I have observed over the years many troubling attitudes and beliefs about educators.  I think it is high time that we consider these public servants and let them know that we are thankful for what they do.  This list is just a few of the things that I have noticed about teachers and is certainly not all that they do.

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1. Teachers do not leave their work at school.

When I get off work in the afternoons I leave the freight there.  I do not concern myself with what boxcar should be delivered or what train should be built.  Teachers do not have this luxury.  There is always after school work that has to be done.  Papers must be graded, lesson plans must be completed and many other mandates that have no real bearing on teaching must be fulfilled.  A teacher is a teacher 24/7.

2. Teachers are underpaid but often give underprivileged students the supplies and sometimes even food that they need.

A person does not consider going into education for the money.  Teachers do it because they love kids.  So when a teacher sees that a child does not have the resources that they need to perform, they find a way to get the student what she needs.  Often that means taking from their own pocket what little bit is left in it to get the supplies the child needs.  They may even give from their own lunch if a kid is hungry.  These actions speak volumes, both of the large heart of the educator and the shame of a society that does not care enough to supply these needs.image

3.  Contrary to popular belief, most teachers could have done anything else in this world but they chose teaching as a profession because they love your kids.

There is an old saying that goes “Those who can, do; Those who can’t, teach.”  What a horrible representation of this noble profession.  The overwhelming majority of teachers made the decision to go into their field simply because they love young people and want the best for their lives.  Any of them could have applied themselves to any other field and been successful in that as well.


4.  Teachers endure public criticism constantly from a majority of people that have no idea what is really going on at school.

If I got in trouble at school when I was a boy then I was in trouble at home.  My parents did not criticize the teachers for my faults.  Bad grades were also my fault and not the school’s shortcoming.  The first thing parents do now is blame the teacher when things go wrong.  Most of the time they have not really been paying attention at all to what is going on with their child.image

5. The majority of teachers with children endure disrespect daily from students that they would in no way tolerate from their own kids.

I was taught to respect my elders.  This certainly included teachers.  I was not always perfect in doing this but I can assure you that if I did not, my parents corrected it.  The disrespect that educators endure today is a direct result of the example kids get at home.  If we do not teach our children to respect teachers, then they will not.  It’s that simple.

6.  Teachers care for all students the same.

Just because you are friends with or grew up in a small town with your kid’s teacher does not mean your child should get any special treatment.  The teacher is in it for all of the students.  To ask this is really an unspoken breach of the friendship and puts the teacher in an awkward place.  Rest assured that the teacher has your child’s best interest at heart.

There you have it.  Our values in society are made manifest by where we place our resources.  Perhaps one day we will understand the value that teachers provide and reward them for their efforts.  At the very least we could show them a little gratitude for what they do for us.


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  1. “Those who can, do; Those who can’t, teach.” How can they do except they be taught? How are they taught without a teacher? The wisdom of teaching comes from first learning and doing afterward sharing the knowledge and experience gained, thus teaching.

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