The Illusion of Friday

The Illusion of Friday

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Sometime during my work week, usually around lunch on Tuesday, I begin to search for something.  I dig deep in the back of my mind, which can be dangerous, trying to envision just what it is that I can’t find.  I started out fresh on Monday, I recall, but it seems that I lost that zeal and now I am looking past today for something better.  What could it be that has alluded me?  What has caused my thoughts to stray from the task at hand? It has become a quest, in a way, to find this mythical point of release where I can find solace. I remember it, suddenly, since I am not too far removed from the last one.  I am looking, on a Tuesday, for a break already.  My heart is set on Friday.image

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I have noticed something about time.  It does not wait for me to catch up.  The hands on the clock continue their rounds with no regard as to how I choose to spend my days.  I assume this works the same for you as well. The philosopher says live each day like it is your last.  This is hogwash. If you knew today was it for you, would you get up and go punch in at work.  I wouldn’t.  I would spend it saying goodbye to loved ones and eating all the biscuits and gravy I could stomach.  How would you spend it?

The most valuable commodity we have is time.  This has always been the case for humanity.  It is great folly to spend each work week looking to get over the hump (Wednesday) so we can coast into the weekend.  The truth about Friday, or whatever day your weekend starts, is that Monday is hot on its heels.  I am all for work.  It is good and is required of us from our Creator in order to eat.  So the challenge then is to find a work that you enjoy.  Our work should be more than a necessary evil.  You and I must find a way to create something daily that can benefit the world. Perhaps you already have found this work.  Maybe I’m writing this just for me.  One of the greater truths I have discovered in life is that, although we are taught to celebrate our differences, we all have similar needs.  Are you chasing a day of the week like most of us are?  I wish you well in your pursuit and let me know when you get there. I never have.

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