My Muse

My Muse

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To be inspired to create is a difficult pursuit.  Many days fall by the wayside in a sea of monotony that is a product of our modern world.  We become so engrossed in the getting of bread that we forget to be.  I believe that we all have an innate desire to build or compose but we often can’t seem to find that spark that pushes us past our chores and obligations.  So we lumber through life uninspired and beat down.

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Throughout time people have searched for a source of stimulation.  The Greeks believed in goddesses that presided over poetry and song called Muses who inspired the ancients to construct whatever art they should.  Shakespeare pondered the whereabouts of his muse in Sonnet 100 “Where are thou muse, that though forget’st so long?” Homer looked to the muse to sing in him, that he might tell a story.  The need to be inspired is no new thing.  I find myself in this same place daily.  I struggle for reason to go on, whether it be to write or even simply to go to my job.  Then I see my muse.

The Lord saw fit many years ago to send a woman my way.  I was not looking for her and in my mind I had no need of a bride.  I had been many years on my own and considered myself a rambler, independent and the better for it.  I know now that was simply hard headedness and I was a bumbling fool.  Now I can not see myself in any other light than with her by my side.  I am not sure why I have been blessed with such good fortune.  Heaven knows I am undeserving of her but I guess that is what grace is.  My motivation in all things begins when I look into her eyes.  This is what keeps me going.

It is my honest desire that all find their inspiration.  Mine grew up no more than seven miles away and I never knew her until my early twenties.  Funny how things like that work.  If you have not found your creative influence I urge you to look nearby. Providence has a way of giving us all we need.  Your muse will find you.

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  1. I have let certain stress destroy a lot of the creativity and poetry I had but maybe an ember remains to spark, maybe a Muse. I have heard that times of trouble and turmoil inspire great creativity and it looks like we are heading towards the most creative time in history.

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