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I woke up early this morning in Monument Valley waiting for the sun to rise.  We have been on the road for a week now and have seen many wonderful things.  I love to travel into the Western U.S.  There is a beauty here that I cannot put into words.  I am constantly taking pictures here but I find that things are so big that I can’t seem to capture the soul-stirring that I feel when I look upon these great wonders that God has made.  I also have found that these grand moments, like the sunrise here this morning, are here for a minute and then are gone.  As hard as I try to wrap them up and hold them, they move on.image

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Sometimes, near the end of a trip, I get an empty feeling.  I am reminded that soon I will be back home, which is good, but that also means I will return to the daily minutiae that comes with living.  So my heart longs to stay on the move and see all that God has created.  I have ties that anchor at home which I am blessed to have.  Family, friends, a good church and a wonderful home in the country all call me back to Alabama but then there is this spark inside that longs to see more.  So what is a rambler like me to do?  I can’t be in all these places at once.

The truth of the matter lies deep inside of us all.  Contentment in life comes from the inside, past all of the temporal things of life.  The trick to life is not complicated but sometimes it is hard to find. No matter how we fight it, life will move on.  So everyday we must decide to be content with where we are.  You may be gazing out today over the Great Salt Lake or you could be shoveling your way through a salt mine.  Either way we must be content to have breath and be moving for one more day.  Today I am looking out over Monument Valley in all of it’s splendor with no desire to move on.  This time next week, Lord willing, I should be back in the daily groove, trying to earn my bread.  I have not perfected this art of contentment but the older I get the more I see how important it is.  So I challenge you, dear friend, work to find that content place in your heart.  Ask God to help you.  I am persuaded He will.

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