The Good Ole Days

The Good Ole Days

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Somewhere in our distant memory we develop a picture of our childhood. This portrait is painted with the loveliness of youth and the longing for of years gone by. We were joyful, vibrant children with nothing to do but enjoy the fruits of innocence. We do not recall the broken bones or chicken pox we endured. Gone forever are the tragedies we may have faced. This is the true nature of our selective memories, always constructing things a little bigger and better than they were, leaving behind any pain.image

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So often I hear about the old timers, how they lived in a better day. Then I see photographs of bent over working men and of women aged with worry and eyes that haunt the soul. Along side them were dirty faced children bred into this world for chopping cotton or turning earth.image

I can’t help but see these things and look at my own life and believe that perhaps the good ole days were not always good. The one glaring difference I find between these that passed before and myself is that, even while I am blessed with abundance, they had a faith in God that makes me ashamed of myself. Perhaps their faith is the reason that we have the better life today. As I look to my own faith and dedication to Christ, I can’t help but wonder how long I will continue to live off the fruits of a generation gone by. No wonder the apostles petitioned Jesus, ” Lord, increase our faith”.

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  1. I believe I am blessed because of the prayers and faith of those in my family gone before. Evendors those long gone that I never knew. It’s the only thing I can fathom for me and my family (immediate and extended) being so blessed. Don’t think one’s actions now affect others; think again. It will affect generations. I really believe that.

  2. It seems human to complain. Too easily we overlook the gains while we focus on each small glitch. This does not mean we should not do our best to improve the world we share. Rather to see we have come a long way with yet a distance to go.

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