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Morning breaks through the window like an old friend who has visited to cheer you up. I arise from my borrowed bed and gaze out of my window at a beautiful Sunday morning.  I see a church in the distance and consider that, even though I don’t go to that one, soon people will gather in that special place to worship God.  From my room with a view I can see the rest of the valley with a mountain rising in the distance.  Above the mountains, clouds are poking along with no particular place to go, just doing the work that clouds do. Once again the Creator has painted a picture for His glory and let me catch a glimpse.  What a weekend it has been.img_2063

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You may read my narrative and think that perhaps I’m on some vacation in the Smokies or retreat in the Blue Ridge.  No friend this is no getaway. What if I told you that I spent the weekend in the hospital by my wife’s side? I got the call on Friday while at work that she had a spell, which is what we hillbillies call any kind of weakness or dizziness that we can’t explain.  My plans had been to get off work that afternoon and attend the local high school football game that my daughter would be cheering at. I would probably watch some football on Saturday as well (Roll Tide).  Sunday my family and I would all go together to the church.  I considered as I looked out the window that Sunday morning how quickly plans change.  I gave some thought to perspective.img_2061

That morning some people went to church.  Others may have spent the day with loved ones.  I knew of a few people besides us that spent the weekend on the 9th floor of a hospital.  No doubt many more did not wake at all on this morning.  My point is this.  We all are at different places in our lives. Some are in the valley and some are on the mountain.  Some have their health and some are chronically ill.  I do not tell you this story about us to gain pity. I am too proud for that and I know my wife would not have it. She would simply tell you that many have it worse. I just want you to consider where someone else might be at.  Perhaps someone did not smile when you thought they should.  Maybe a friend missed an event you felt they should have attended.  What if that coworker that you think is always so grumpy has more to worry about than your opinion of him? Times can certainly be hard for anyone at anytime.  So think about the other person’s situation before you pass judgment.  Then maybe we can all give thanks to God with a little more humility. Maybe sometimes we all need a room with a view.

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