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A fire once burned

Soul longed to be known

But now the flame

Seeks less to be shone


Melancholy starts to linger

As the days grow more trite

The burn starts to fade

and spark loses light


Snap out, some will say

(Like one wanted to quit)

The spirit still yearns

But the fire is barely lit


Tend to your plot

Be content with just that

Don’t seek to rise

Stay down on the mat


This is the struggle

That mankind fights every day

Do we take a great leap

or just fade away?


We all stop and smile

Exchange “how do ya do’s”

But deep in our gut

The soul starts to snooze


You may not perceive it

As you look on one’s face

But the colder we feel

As we continue the race


The challenge then friend

For all of our souls

When we want to give in

We must stir the coals


The singer must sing

And the writer must write

Whatever your way

You must show your light


So chin up, you all

Whatever your plight

Rage, Rage, you must

Thomas was right


Rage, rage against the dying of the light ~ Dylan Thomas 

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