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One day, at baseball practice, when I was in the tenth grade (yesterday in my head, but a few more days according to that infernal calendar) I saw someone drive up in the parking lot in a blue Ford Mustang.  It had a black stripe down the middle (I think, yesterday can get cloudy). Then a familiar man got out of the car. It was my dad.  I studied the situation for a few minutes, which can be dangerous during batting practice, until it occurred to me that maybe this new, used car was mine.  After practice I hurried over to check it out and dad gave me the keys.  I can still remember how I beamed with pride as I considered all the possibilities that came with my own transportation. I knew that this car meant the one thing that all sixteen year olds are searching for, freedom. img_2127

strength and toning equipment

The truth is that as beautiful as that car was to me it was ten years old when I got it.  It had a ragged out straight six that would barely run sixty miles an hour.  It had a car bra, for support I guess, and a blackout kit on the headlights, which was cool until right after sundown when I could not see ten feet ahead of me.  I have owned several vehicles since then but I do not remember one that I washed and cared for more.  It wasn’t much to look at but it was mine.img_2126

It seems a strange thing to me how that we humans grow indifferent to the things we acquire.  It turns out that after a while that old Mustang wasn’t good enough. The older I got the bigger and better the things I bought got.  At the end of the day we discover this one glaring truth.  Material things are not enough. No matter how much one can pile up it will never be enough.  The older I get the more I find satisfaction in the baser things of this world.  I’m not quite ready for some Thoreau-like retreat yet but I’m learning where true peace lies.  A loving wife, smiling children, good friends and a country home all get me excited these days. God’s creation and all of its wonder is sufficient.  When I think back now on that old Ford I don’t really miss it but I sure do miss the folks that I hauled around in it.


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  1. Good read, buddy. I really wish you would have used a different picture, but it was good to see that fantastic mullet Chris Tinsley had again.

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