The Domestication of Chris Darden

The Domestication of Chris Darden

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Many moons ago I was not married.  I was without child as well.  I knew other guys that had taken on these sort of things but it all seemed very distant, like something that I should have no part in.  Some talked of the time when they would settle down but that had no appeal to me.  I could go anywhere I wanted on a whim without anyone to answer to.  If I did not like the way a job was going, I walked out.  I even went so far as to say I would never marry.  Then there was her.img_2142

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Never say never. If you don’t learn anything else from me (I know, I don’t give many lessons here) remember that.  I met my wife and within less than a year we were married. After a couple of years these strange little people showed up. During this time I decided to assume a mortgage because that is what married people do. Add a couple of car payments and suddenly footloose and fancy free comes to a grinding halt. I was and am securely anchored.  I have succumbed to domestication.img_2143

I had a Sunday School teacher one time that told me I really wouldn’t be a man until I got married.  I really didn’t think much of that then. I know now what he meant.  The truth is I don’t miss the old days that much.  I was not married more years than I have been but I can’t imagine not having my family now.  It seems like we have always been.  I believe that we are built this way, to have the love and warmth that comes with family.  God planned it that way.  I know this isn’t a popular sentiment today but I believe that it is still a man’s responsibility to take care of his family. Too many have bailed out on that.  So in the end this whole settling of Chris has turned out to be a good thing.  Besides, if I didn’t have a family then what would I do with my paycheck, save it?

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