She and I

She and I

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My alarm, my nemesis, goes off early around my place.  It gives no thought to how I feel.  Some mornings I think I almost hear it laugh as it rings in my ear. I roll out of bed and head off into the abyss that is the working world. This alone takes up a fair share of my day.

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Somewhere in the distance a girl I met years ago is going about her day in the same manner. After we finish the work day it’s off to be professional kid haulers.  After games and practice and pictures and a whole list of things dreamed up by folks who obviously have too much spare time, we all finally convene back at the Darden compound.  We arrive just in time to get cleaned up and then climb back into bed, but not before I set the alarm, of course.

It seems lately that the more I age (which was bound to happen) the more my perspective changes.  I consider the early years of my marriage, when it was just she and I, and how we spent our time together.  Then came the children and we even spent a lot of time with them. Somewhere along the line that all got twisted up.  It seems to me that maybe, while time is passing by, that the things that really matter are being neglected for the trivial.  People say that’s just how it is but I’m not so sure who set it up this way. I think that we are way off course about what is really important.

The thing about being married is that after all the static is removed and all the people that said get on board with them are gone it will still just be about her.  I don’t know if I will ever be able to write about love like the greats have.  I simply know my heart and who it beats for.  I also understand more than ever the brevity of life and how it pains me to think that I may have wasted any time that could have been spent with her.

We say that all of these things are necessary, that we must fulfill our duties to society and what not.  I say that the only necessity we really have is to love God and one another, especially our spouse.  As frustrating as it gets for me sometimes I must admit to this truth; I am accountable for how I spend each day. After all, I am the one that keeps setting that blasted alarm.

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