Lessons From A Cow

Lessons From A Cow

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It’s quiet here in the early morning hours at my country home.  The smell of coffee fills the air. The morning sun shines through the windows making beams between the blinds that look as if I could touch them.The television is turned off, but all it will take to spring into action is for one of the kids to wake up. I have nowhere to be this morning, which is good, but for some reason I am antsy. It seems like I should be doing something.  I do not remember the last time I was bored.  If I stop for just a moment I look toward some device to fill the space.  I think that is why when I stop for a while and consider the silence it scares me for a minute. What am I going to do now?img_2220

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So I decided this morning to embrace the quiet for a while.  The coolness of a Fall morning seeped into my living room overnight so I raised the blind to feel the warmth.  I watched for a while the steam rising from my cup of coffee.  It’s a strange thing when I stop the noise for a while.  Actual thoughts of my own find their way into my mind.   Then I start to get anxious again, worrying over some menial project that needs done around home. Trying to escape these thoughts, I look back out the window for a while.  Then, across the road in my neighbor’s pasture, a black cow strolled into view.img_2218

That old cow didn’t seem so concerned this morning.  She did not look worried that perhaps something around her barn needed tending to. There was no hurry in her gait as she lumbered on by. I don’t know if she had a calf, but she didn’t seem to have anyone else to keep up with.  No, this lady seemed content to wander the hillside grazing and soaking up the morning light.  She didn’t even seem to ponder her purpose like I often do.  I think probably she does not realize that maybe she will be someone’s lunch one day.  This cow had it together.  Then she stopped for a moment and looked back my way, like she felt me watching her.  She glared in my window for a moment, then turned her head forward and moved along.  She seemed to tell me, because cows have a lot to tell me, that she did not care what I thought of her.  Then I considered the possibilities for my own life if I had no concern about what others thought of me. What insight I gathered from that old cow this morning.  So slow down today, like my bovine friend, and just be. But if someone tries to load you in a trailer this evening, snap out of it. Sometimes there is cause for concern.


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  1. There are many things we can learn from the things around us. As a man that milked cows for more than thirty-five years, I might say I understand the animals…but in truth I don’t. I like the analogy. Keep your eyes open and keep writing.

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