Ole 26

Ole 26

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Traffic was light on Monday morning as I bumbled my way back to work.  I guess most folks still had a day off after Christmas.  We all need that extra day to recover from the obscene amount of junk we ate and to return that sweater that would not have fit you in the eighth grade.  I recalled as I drove in how I had looked forward to Christmas Day the whole week before it arrived.  Although much of the season can be a chore to a no-frills guy like me, I still love the day when it gets here.  I still love to watch my children open presents and occasionally catch a glimpse of that twinkle that used to always shine from their eyes.  It reminds me of a couple of years ago when I was young but more importantly it reminds me of the passing of time.img_4347

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Somehow anticipated days seem to drag their feet while we look past all the days before them.  The longest week is the one just before vacation and somehow Friday seems to last at least forty-two hours when I want to see Saturday.  I can smell turkey for days before Thanksgiving.  I think I could have blown the candles out on April 23, my arrival date, from somewhere around April 3.  I also remember waiting anxiously for game day to arrive, allowing no possibility anything could ruin it, especially a rainout. The strange thing about time is that somehow it seems to speed up when we want to stop and drag on we are ready for something else.  Then those special days are gone.img_4349

I considered that lonely morning driving into work how much my life has changed.  The children are getting older and apparently so am I, if the gray in this beard is any indicator of that.  Then I thought about poor old December 26th.  Nobody is looking forward to that day.  Folks don’t look impatiently down the line for the day after Christmas.  This is a major flaw of humanity.  December 26th, or as I now endearingly call it, Ole 26, has just as many minutes as any other day.  The sun rose and set on Ole 26 just like it did the day before.  I am not trying to belittle Christmas Day and I am fully aware of how significant it is.  I am simply (I know, very simply) trying to garner sympathy for the days we forget.  Imagine the possibilities if we looked forward to every sun rise like we do to the special occasions that are marked way on down the calendar. What if you went to bed tonight looking forward to the dawn?  I know it may seem morbid to think on but many last night went to bed with no enthusiasm for another day only to find they never saw it.  I am the world’s worst at this but I am working on it.  So get excited about tomorrow just because it is tomorrow.  Be thankful for today just because you made it here.  Next Christmas night go to sleep with this idea, “I can’t wait until Ole 26”.


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