The One That Stood

The One That Stood

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I am weak.  This comes as no shock to those who have known me a while. It’s nothing to be proud of but I must be honest.  At times in my life I have sat quietly by instead of standing on principles and standards that I believe to be true.  There are times when I went with the crowd knowing it was wrong but I thought it necessary to fit in. If I could maintain my status like that then I figured people would like me. I thought I would be

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I’m in a strange place now.  I can look back and see my faults.  I can also think back on times when my parents warned me about things which, to my shame, I did not listen.  I have children of my own who I tell the same things to now. I worry about them and their friends as well.  Will they heed the warning or scoff at me like I did my parents?  Some will say that there are wild oats to sow but I have found that the Bible was correct when it comes to sowing and reaping.  So don’t lay that one on me, I’ve seen folks cut down early because of that.  Sometimes I wonder why I made it this far and think that maybe I’m still here to head somebody off from going the wrong way.  Remember this, young Christian, the prodigal got to come home but he lost his inheritance in the far country.seeds-1302793__480

When I look back now on my misspent youth I am not impressed by the things I done back then.  I do remember one friend in particular who, even when most of us were acting the fool, remained true to his faith.  He would tell you now that he sinned too but we all have sinned and come short of God’s glory. I remember him staying the course when it had to be hard for him.  What a better friend I would have been had I stood with him. What a better friend I could have been to Jesus, knowing how much he loves me. Remember this, young person, that after the lights are turned off at the field, after the party is over, the only thing that will leave it’s mark on your life will be memories of the strong ones, those who persevered.  If you are a Christian, then be one of the ones that live it. Be one of the ones that stood.

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