How I See It

How I See It

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Mid 70’s in North Alabama in the middle of January is a rare thing. It’s even stranger when a week before there was snow in the state. So this evening I decided to go outside to the porch and take a think.  I have been trying to get a hold on this thinking thing for years but it still hasn’t took. Regardless of whether or not I achieved enlightenment, it was still a peaceful evening.  I looked toward the sky and the moon of Alabama (Morrison never saw it like this) shined down on my humble abode.  I decided then that I would take a picture, just to share with you, dear friend, the simple beauty that I was enjoying.IMG_20170113_191337790

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The trouble with moon pictures is that I can never capture it as wonderful as it is.  I am not so tech savvy, so if the way to get it right does exist, then I would probably mess it up anyway.  I then thought that maybe even if I had the full effect of the photo that it still would fall short of letting you in on how I see it. Perspective is an individual concept, kinda like the varying degrees of color and thickness of gravy that is acceptable to pour on your morning biscuit.  That is where communication fails, at the place where we don’t understand each other. So let me tell you how I see it on my porch tonight.biscuits-472409__480

There is a quiet peace here tonight as I feel a cool breeze wash across my face.  I gaze at the moon that has made its full appearance from behind the clouds, just for me, I like to think.  I’ve spent the day running with the rest of the employed and to sit here in my solitude and smile back at the moon for a moment makes me feel like I have the whole of creation to myself.  A donkey, Russell, brays from off in the holler, no doubt warning that coyotes are probably watching me sitting here. An out of season cricket is playing me an off-porch symphony, and I do not believe Mozart could have composed it any better.  Fresh Southern air fills my lungs. I am in my element here.  I am on top of the world.  Just to keep me grounded our infernal cat, Jay Catsby, comes by and rubs on my leg until I run her off.  You could not have got all of this from my low rent moon picture and if you were here next to me you might see all of this different.  It’s that way with life.  So maybe we all could spend our time here with a little patience for each other because we all have a different outlook.  I’m not suggesting that you abandon your principles, because rest assured that I will not quit on mine. I’m simply saying that maybe we could learn to look at things from someone else’s eyes occasionally.  We might even learn something new along the way.

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  1. We too are enjoying the North Alabama reprieve from the cold. We spent yesterday at the outdoor mall, and the sunshine was a refreshing sight, the moon was gorgeous Thursday & Friday night, and without an extremely high tech camera that specializes in such shots, you could not have captured a better picture.

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