Life Ain’t Fair

Life Ain’t Fair

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I am not necessarily that wise of a man. I have lived a few years on this rock and have picked up some things along the way.  It is just the basics, mind you, but that’s really where the real living goes on anyway.  When I was a boy I learned early to never mess with a dog while it is eating. I still have a spot on my head where hair doesn’t grow at the scar, just to remind me.  In third grade I learned that the rails in the toilet stall are not for gymnastics, as was brought abruptly to my attention when I missed the landing and planted my forehead directly on porcelain, which, by the way, does not give.  Come to think of it, several lessons I have learned came when I led with my head. There have been many other hard learned lessons throughout my life but the one thing that can sum it all up is this. Life ain’t fair.

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Perhaps I have not always accepted that life doesn’t always go as I think it should. I have learned over the years though that life comes as it will.  I recall a lady where I used to attend church who had a husband who went through more surgeries and had more difficulty than anyone I believe I’ve ever seen.  The one thing that stood out to me when I inquired about her husband was, after she ran off the long list of trials he had, she would end it by saying  “but we are no better than anyone else”. She had a grasp on the truth about life and how it could go wrong in a hurry.  I have lost friends in our youth when I couldn’t understand why they were gone and I remain.  I have watched my chronically ill wife go through life in pain, keeping a smile when she can, but never telling me that her affliction wasn’t fair. The list could go on and on but I suspect that you probably have a few ideas of your own where you feel that something is unfair.

I am trying my best not to turn this into a rant, but I can’t help but wonder where we developed this since of entitlement to fairness.  Life is hard friend and the sooner we accept that in life the better off we will be.  I’m not saying you should live life defeated but, to the contrary, maybe we could learn to see the joy in the good times and to trust in God when things look bleak. I truly believe that many of our troubles in this country today have been created because we have come to believe that all should go in our favor.  It will be our undoing.  In the end, when we can’t understand why something has happened, remember that all of creation is here for God and his glory.  Perhaps our scales are unbalanced when it comes to fairness anyway. It could be that the Creator knows exactly what is fair and just. Trust Him then, because he is always molding and shaping us for His glory.

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