The Truth About Building Wealth, and How I Almost Missed It

The Truth About Building Wealth, and How I Almost Missed It

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I am entrenched firmly in the middle class. Like most people in that number if I miss a few days of work bills will catch up with me. Also like the rest, I think sometimes on how to get ahead of the game, to find that stopping off point where I can take it easy. I desire to gain wealth and to have all that comes with it. That is, after all, the American dream, right?

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I am learning lately to accept middle-age, to embrace the scant wisdom that I have gained from beating my head against the wall. I have noticed in my short stretch here that things aren’t always what they seem. Oftentimes we chase things that are empty while true meaning is hidden in the day to day. We look around at others we perceive as rich and think that somehow that must be the way to satisfaction. We count our worth to society at the bank instead of from the heart. I believe, like Solomon, that this is folly.

Finances have never been my strong point. I live in a world and work at a job where it’s all about the money. I try to get a little for myself, but I have found that no matter how much I pull in, it is never enough. It always seems to spend and I always have to go get more. So obviously this is not the way to true wealth. So what is it then that makes a man wealthy and how have I not seen it all along?

I, like most of you, have seen loved ones leave from this life. I have lost friends and family all along the way and am persuaded that I’m close on their heels. I have seen others that I love brush up against the end but remain to live some more. There is no end to this passing of time. My flesh, like yours, is corrupt and will see it’s demise. A bit dark, you say, but true nonetheless. What does this have to do with getting rich? It’s about perspective¬†friend, and the sooner we grasp this reality the better we can see how abundant we are.

I am breathing in and out today. I did the same yesterday but may not tomorrow. I have a wife that loves me. There are two kids asleep upstairs right now that I have been blessed with. I was raised by parents that love me. I am surrounded by friends and family that care about me. That is true abundance. Sometimes I chase a dollar like it holds some magical peace that will come when I catch it. That is not where true wealth is found. I know people today that don’t have much financial gain to show but they have a smile on their face and a song in their heart. That seems to suffice.

Maybe this isn’t what you were looking for. It is a simple thought but I believe it is the truth. Try a little gratitude today for what you already have and maybe you will see that you are rich. Perhaps you will learn, like I have, that your wealth increases with each breath you draw. Then you can start building up wealth like me.

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