How to Beat the Baseball Run Down

How to Beat the Baseball Run Down

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A couple of years ago I played baseball. Well, maybe it was a couple of decades ago. It is a wonderful game but it can be frustrating if you don’t keep your mind right. If you succeed thirty percent of the time when hitting you are considered pretty good. I never could wrap my head around those odds so I spent most of my time fuming over the last out instead of looking to get a hit the next time. There was only one thing in baseball that wearied me more than hitting. It was called the run down.

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If you are unfamiliar with baseball let me try to explain a run down. It’s actually not that complicated but to be caught up in it can be a drag. It simply means that while running bases you find yourself stranded beneath two bags as the fielder’s throw the ball back and forth while you scurry each way in vain trying to not be tagged out. On a very rare occasion you may luck up and get out of the struggle but more often than not you will be made into an out. Let me take you inside my head (scary, ain’t it) while I get ran down.

I have just received a walk to first ( look, I told you I couldn’t hit) and I am taking my lead toward second. The pitcher looks me over and then back to the plate. He doesn’t know it but I’m no threat to steal second. I take another step and that is one too many. He throws behind me to first and I stand frozen like a possum in the headlights (the proverbial deer would not work in this situation). My only choice is to bolt (loosely rendered) toward second base. The first baseman flings the ball past my head, me wishing all the while that it had hit me and put an early end to what I know is coming. So I do the only thing I can and turn back to whence I came. The second baseman knows this song and dance as well and he tosses the ball back to first. This only leaves me one option, so I put on the brakes and do an about-face. Oh the humanity. I try my luck toward second again (I wonder how much those hot dogs are). I think you know what happens next. My inclination is to give up but this would be frowned upon by the purists. It looks like a rainout is out of the question. So on and on we go until finally I am captured.

I find that sometimes life feels like a run down. The back and forth to the job seems like it has no end. I would like to make the turn to home and score but it seems that I keep getting caught in between the bases. I think I’m probably not alone in this feeling of frustration. We cannot stop and get tagged out though because we must work to earn our keep. So keep your head up and feet moving because occasionally I remember the fielder threw the ball away. That is when persistence pays off.

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