The Forgotten Artist at Sundown Celebration at Mallory Square

The Forgotten Artist at Sundown Celebration at Mallory Square

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Sometimes in life we look past things that surface in our thoughts later on. It is the subtleties that get missed. We pay attention to the big show while there might be something going on that should get our attention. That’s how it goes I guess. The biggest show gets the audience while the little artist is pushed aside. This was the case for me recently in Key West while we attended Sundown at Mallory Square.

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Every evening in Key West at sundown there is a celebration at a place called Mallory Square. It is a combination of vendors and street performers that, coupled with the beauty of a sunset in paradise, is a delight to the senses. The shows are filled with acrobatic feats that are amazing to watch. If you have not been and ever get the opportunity it is a must see in the Keys.

There seems to be an unwritten code that exists between each artist that one big show will wait on the other to finish. Maybe it is better planned than that, I’m not sure. Whatever the case, when one performer is finished then the next will start in a different location. So the crowd floats from one show to the next in a mass movement. Most shows also use unsuspecting people from the audience to assist. I found myself chosen to assist with the mounting of a unicycle at one, while being made sport of because of my state of residence. It was big fun.

What I missed in that spectacle was the side artist. There was an old man playing a guitar in the middle of the square. I saw him there and occasionally I heard a chord or two but I never really stopped to listen. The crowds walked right passed him as they moved from event to event but I didn’t notice anyone gathering around him. He played on though, hoping that someone would hear his song. I wonder now if he was there every evening. I am also curious just how good he could play.

Writing a blog like mine is much like that old man playing his songs. The big sites are well-traveled and are great to read. I, like the player in the square, would love for more folks to stop by and hear my song. I think that anyone who creates anything in life wants people to notice it. I can’t help but wonder about that guitar player, if he ever thought of quitting. I think that probably he would keep on playing if only one came by to hear. It was what he loved to do because he was an artist. So whatever it is that stirs you up inside a little, keep doing that. Thank you for stopping by to read my post today. If you are the only one that reads it, then it was worth it.

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  1. Keep on keeping on. Someone somewhere hears your song. Someone somewhere reads your blog – and is blessed. I LOVE the rainbow photo at the top of the post. That is something special! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I may not comment on all your blogs Chris, but I have read them all. You my friend inspire me, lots of thoughts come from your blogs.

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