Life Ain’t A Movie, and Frankly I Like It Better That Way

Life Ain’t A Movie, and Frankly I Like It Better That Way

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Sometimes life gets a little boring.  I think that is a common emotion for all of us. That is why we love to watch a movie.  We can bury up in a good story and forget about things for a while.  No matter how lousy our day, week, month, year, or life has been there is something about a good movie that can pick us up a little bit.  No doubt the film industry has found a way to profit from this.  Movie stars are held high in our society.  They also make a lot of money entertaining us.  After a couple of hours of escape in a film we have to come back to this reality.  Life ain’t a movie.

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Last night we watched a movie called La La Land.  It is a musical.  Typically I am not a song and dance kind of guy but something about this movie caught my attention.  The story was the usual.  A boy and girl in Hollywood with dreams.  I found myself pulling for this couple to make it.  I was not even distracted by the random break out of song that usually makes my stomach turn.  The movie did what a movie should.  It got me out of my head for a minute.

I will not tell you any more about this film.  I don’t want to ruin it for you.  I would like to recommend it to you but I can not for fear of losing my man card.  In my defense, my wife rented it.  I am not trying to get in touch with any other side of me.  This movie simply reminded me of the difference between fantasy and reality.  Sometimes we need to make that distinction for ourselves.

After the movie was over I thought about my life. There have been highs and lows all along the way.  Things usually don’t go according to plan.  I have a good life but sometimes things just fall flat.  I don’t always have that impromptu song in my heart that must come busting out regardless of where I am.  I never go dancing through the rail yard (although that might be a good way to get some time off).  Sometimes life is nasty.  This is just how it is.

I am glad my life is not a movie.  The hard places of life are where we grow.  The unscripted is what makes us who we are.  I do not long for struggles but I always find value in them after they have passed.  The beautiful thing about my life, and yours, is that we don’t have a screen play to follow.  I am simply making things up as I go.  That is where I learn lessons.  Wisdom is developed all along the way.  I will probably watch another movie in my life.  You and I must remember when we are watching a film that life really isn’t that way.  Your life is made your own way.  We must develop our own story, through the good and the bad.  The best part is that you are still here today. That means you can keep working on your script.  You can create your own life that is full and prosperous.  I am glad it is that way.

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