May 2017

Inspire us to know you

I know a few of you reading this post. In fact with the limited reach that my blog has, I am most likely kin to you. If you have followed this stuff for any amount of time you probably know me better than I know you. That’s the drawback to blogging. I ramble on mindlessly
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The fear of graduation

Last night I attended a spring football jamboree. I love to say jamboree. It makes me think of the log ride at Six Flags. Where was I? Oh, the game. It was held at my old high school. That brought back a lot of memories. It also reminded me of the fear I had of
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Do I Really Trust God With Everything?

I have told myself throughout life that I placed all my trust in God.  I think I sold myself on this because I didn’t understand exactly what that meant.  In times of happiness and prosperity it is an easy thing to say. But what happens when things don’t go as planned? What if the things
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