Do I Really Trust God With Everything?

Do I Really Trust God With Everything?

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I have told myself throughout life that I placed all my trust in God.  I think I sold myself on this because I didn’t understand exactly what that meant.  In times of happiness and prosperity it is an easy thing to say. But what happens when things don’t go as planned? What if the things of this life that we place value in are taken away? Sometimes we need to question our heart. Do I really trust God with it all?

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I have a good job. I have spent a few years of my life working there. What if I lose that job tomorrow? Would that cause a sense of panic and uncertainty for me? If I am honest I believe it probably would.  We are taught early in life that we must prepare for our career. Sometimes these plans go awry. If that happens to you then where do you turn? Is a good job enough to put our trust in?

I have enjoyed good health for forty-three years.  That is truly a blessing.  I have seen loved ones through the years have their health fade. I have seen lives cut short. It would be foolish of me to think that health will not fail me as well.  This uneasy truth is universal. The sooner in life we accept this the better.  When my time comes will I still say I trust God with all of it?

I am a seeker of answers. I constantly wonder if I am on the right path. My prayer many times has been for God to show my the way. I think that we all have a way God would have us to go.  I have found frustration many times when I don’t see that road I should go on.  The older I get the more I see that fully trusting God does not mean that he will show me the way. To give it all to him means that at my darkest hour I still believe he will work it out.  When health fades, the job is gone, or whatever else we put false hope in departs, we still must understand that it’s all about God. We must humble ourselves before the Lord and realize that this is his plan, not ours.

I have witnessed in my time here some people that seem to have a grip on trusting God.  I find them over at the church. These people suffer countless afflictions but are relentless in their work for God.  No matter their pain they are more concerned with everyone else.  These are salt of the Earth folks.  They will leave this world in obscurity when there time comes but they will not have lived in vain.  They have touched my heart with their perseverance. I hope that I can learn to trust God like they do. That would be something to leave behind for others. That is where true peace is found. I must learn not to question God about his plan for me.  I must learn to wholly trust him, even when I can’t see the end. That is what he wants for his children.

4 Replies to “Do I Really Trust God With Everything?”

  1. it’s good listen to the Holy Spirit. that’s what you’re doing here. i admire deep thinkers, i are one, and i will be pleased to read more of your blog. at age 70 and in bad health, i have learned that the real blessing is knowing Him better and better each day. rest in Him.
    your neighbor in north Georgia.

    1. Thanks for your comments. I’m not sure I’m a deep thinker. I pray your health will improve. God bless you.

  2. This is so timely for me right now – many of your words here are thoughts running through my own head and heart lately. It is so much harder to completely trust God in those darkest hours than it is to trust in easier ones. Thanks for this reminder. Glad I found you today – wish I could remember how I landed here! Holy Spirit, I suppose.

  3. I too spend time in deep thoughts. Often I wonder about my place in GOD’s world. I believe that the time spent in contemplation a valuable tool in understanding not only ourselves, the people around us, but even GOD. These thoughts have taken you on a journey…a journey toward truth. I too know that I am to trust GOD…more…deeper…but it is human to depend upon things less “solid”. To grasp on the plank in the lake when we know that someone has taught us how to swim, and holds our a helping hand so near.

    Once again, well done Chris!

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