The Fear of Moving On

The Fear of Moving On

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Last night I attended a spring football jamboree. I love to say jamboree. It makes me think of the log ride at Six Flags. Where was I? Oh, the game. It was held at my old high school. That brought back a lot of memories. It also reminded me of the fear I had of moving on.

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The thing about a spring game in football is that seniors in high school are there.  They may have been band members, cheerleaders or even players a few months ago. Now they are looking change right in the eye. They felt they belonged here last fall. Now they are not so settled.

I did not play football in high school. That was for the athletes. Those of us who did not play still enjoyed going to cheer on our friends that played. It was the social event in small town Alabama. I do not remember the last jamboree that we had before I graduated. I do remember that sense of loss that I felt wandering the halls of the school those last weeks. The fear of failure that comes with change welled up inside me. I thought the good times were over.

My wife teaches at a different  high school than I attended. My children go there as well.  It is very close to where I went. I seldom go to games at my alma mater any more. I tried for a couple of years after I graduated but it seemed strange to me. As I walked around last night I would catch glances from people. I knew that I should know them and I could tell they thought the same of me. One man that I knew years ago walked right up to my face. It took a minute for me the figure out who it was. We laughed when it all came together in our minds. He said that my face was more full. I thought that was kind since we both knew that he meant my belt was at its limit. It is good to reminisce. It is also good to move on.

My heart goes out to these kids that are graduating. They should know that this isn’t the end. The legends of Friday night soon fade in the distance. Those glory days were not all we had them built up to be. Fear is something that always creeps up in life. The key is pushing past it. Move on with life. That doesn’t mean you have to move away from your hometown but that also means that you can. Everyday is new. Every new day matters. Remember the past but do not live there. And by the way, if you have never ridden the log jamboree at Six Flags you should do that.

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