Getting To Know One Another

I know a few of you reading this post. In fact with the limited reach that my blog has, I am most likely kin to you. If you have followed this stuff for any amount of time you probably know me better than I know you. That’s the drawback to blogging. I ramble on mindlessly while I learn nothing about you. It’s a bit one-sided.Inspire us to know you

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Gregg Allman passed away yesterday. It seems a lot of musicians have left here lately. None of them knew me. Strangely though, it feels like I knew them. That’s the beauty of making something for everyone else. If you put your heart in it people notice it. If you pour out your soul the masses can’t help but feel it.

I am not a musical person. I do not study the history of bands or singers. I do like to hear their story but it’s not something I spend a lot of time with. But if what they did digs down inside when I hear it then it becomes a part of me. Some of this stuff transcends generations. I thought about that when Glenn Frey died. I considered it again yesterday.

I was born after most of the Allman Brothers Band’s songs were released. I figure my dad probably cruised around listening to them on an eight track. Somewhere in the the early 1990’s I stumbled across Ramblin‘ Man. It sounded like what I thought I was as I rolled down the Alabama back roads in a ragged out GTO. It wasn’t really close to my story but something sounded cool about it. I have since come to appreciate a lot more of the band’s songs. That’s why it made me sad when I heard the news of Gregg Allman’s death. A little piece of my youth went with him.

Southern Rock
Southern Rock

I think we all want to be heard. I don’t want to be a famous Southern rocker (dad still wouldn’t let me grow my hair out like that even if I could play a guitar). I do want to make a difference in a few lives before I move on. If we can help enough people then maybe when we go home those left here can hold on to a little piece of us in their heart. Whatever you are doing, do it with all you have. Make something for the rest of us to remember you by. That is why I write these scribbles, to leave you some of me. This is where I let my Soulshine.

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