The Place Where The Ocean Meets The Sky

The Place Where The Ocean Meets The Sky

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There is something about the beach. I have been to a couple of different ones in my time. They all have their own personalities that I enjoy. Then there is the one thing that they all have in common. When you gaze out from the land across the sea there is always that far away point that stirs the imagination. It is the place where the ocean meets the sky.

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I don’t know that I can pinpoint the first time I ever saw the ocean. I know it was with my parents. I also know that I have always been overwhelmed with the vastness of the place. No matter my age, since the first time, that spot out at the edge has always intrigued me. It puts things for me in their proper place.

Don’t get me wrong. I love more about the beach than that point. I love the sound of the waves, especially at daybreak before we all gather out to stink up the place. I feel safe somehow when the ocean breeze wraps around​ me late in the evening and it puts out the flames from the scorching sunburn I received because of lack of planning. The smell of the sea is always welcome as it crosses my nose and when I sense it memories always flood in. Oh, I love all there is about the beach.

The differences in the beaches are something to savor as well.  I especially love the solitude one can experience on the Forgotten Coast of Florida. The clear water in the Keys is a visual masterpiece. I think I could probably live there. The Pacific was beautiful in its own right with massive stones that jut out of the sea for you to gaze upon as you try not to drive off the side of the winding coastal highway. Even my own home state has its own unique beach and I don’t get that confused look there when I shout out “Roll Tide”. I guess I have never met a beach I didn’t like.

I know you’re probably thinking that I’m a little bit dim-witted when I talk about the place where the ocean and sky run together. Ok, so I know that place doesn’t exist. But isn’t it beautiful to think about a place that far off that we have never seen. With life and all of its melancholy and mediocrity can’t I just escape to that place in the distance if just for a moment. I think that if we do not think about the far off sometimes that our soul gets a little dusty. Maybe someday I will pull up anchor and sail off trying to reach that point. I’ll never find it, you say, but at least I’ll have tried. At least I’ll have felt alive.

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  1. You’ll find it. That longing is in every human being whether they want to admit it or not. This is not our home.

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