The Pelican

The Pelican

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I’ve been studying on a strange fellow today. It’s not that I’m any better than he is. It’s just that he is a little different from me and that intrigues me. I guess he probably thinks that I am odd looking too. He would not be alone in that sentiment. They call this odd bird the pelican, and I think he is a friend of mine.

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It seems that everytime I come to the coast I find Pelican here (I used to call him Mr. Pelican but we are closer now). That alone is something to admire. He is not incumbered with alarm clocks and traffic and such. He just seems to show up early to get about his duties. I think I would like to get up every day at the beach and get to my affairs.

Pelican seems to me to always be in control. He glides along the shore looking for some unsuspecting fish to pounce upon. When he spots his lunch he makes a precision dive at an amazing speed and torpedoes his prey. Then he swallows his meal and moves on. He did not wait in line for someone​ to cook his food. He received one hundred percent profit for his labor​ and eased on down the line.  I like the thought of that, making my own way in my own time.

Sometimes I see Pelican just floating around the sea. I figure he has got his belly full of mullet and is just soaking up the sun. He can sit like that on his own and have no care for what else happens. He is cool like that. He is secure enough to hang alone but he is not unsocial. Sometimes I see him cruising with a friend. He even has a group that he flies in formation with. This bird has it together.

I do not really know what kind of danger Pelican encounters. He may have a very short life span. I also don’t know if he really has anyone that loves him. He may get hungry from time to time. Often we look at others and think they have it figured out. I think we all have our struggles​ and infirmities. We think that maybe someone else is doing better. Maybe they are but you can only be you. I really don’t know if I want to be a pelican. He sure is cool​ though.

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