The Fastest Week of the Year: A Lament For A Gone Vacation

The Fastest Week of the Year: A Lament For A Gone Vacation

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I was taught from a young age that there is the same amount of time in each day. The second hand makes its rounds along the clock face at the same pace. The minute hand follows close behind. Last but not least, the hour hand lumbers along with the same precision it did the day before. These are thought to be constant. But I have found an oddity at a certain time of the year. It is called vacation week and it goes by at a much faster clip.

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Vacation starts out at a normal pace. You get up early and load up in the family truckster and head out to wherever. Time is still standard at this point. It is when you reach the destination that you enter the time warp. The race is on and the clock has the edge.

I have noticed this phenomenon before. I have traveled enough to know that the moment the bags are unpacked I had better get to moving. Vacation is in full tilt and I don’t have very long. All that I had hoped to do or see must be attended to immediately because this time will soon be gone. I’m not sure why it works this way but I am certain that it does.

It contrast to vacation week there exists another time warped period. This is called pre-vacation week and it is the exact opposite to its successor. This week is usually spent at work, where the days seem to move like molasses. When payday comes for this week, I often scratch my head about the lack of overtime pay because I am certain that I worked at least 123 hours. There are extra days added to this week. I call them Moanday, Bluesday, and Cryday.  I think they are added to make up for the three that you lose during vacation week.

The bags are all packed up again. I unloaded them about ten minutes ago it seems. We left out the toothbrushes for the morning but that’s about it. The sun has set on this place seven times but you can not make me believe that it took seven days for this to happen. The dread of the car trip home (and the stinch that will accompany it) is starting to crop up in my mind. I guess when we leave in the morning they will close this place down. I think they probably should because at the pace things are going here it will all burn up soon.  I’ll go home and rest a while and, if I can survive another ten day pre-vacation week, I will come back for more. That’s​ just how I’m made.

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