There Is No Trophy For Being A Grown-Up

There Is No Trophy For Being A Grown-Up

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I finished another week on the job.  It resembled most other weeks I have spent there.  A long overdue Friday rolled around again.  I turned on my Amazon Prime Music  and browsed playlists.  There , in the soundtracks section, I found a list that caught my eye.  It was called “Classic 80’s Flicks.”  It was just what I needed to get away for a while.  This grown-up stuff isn’t always easy.  I like to go back to those simple days sometimes.Grown-up trophies

strength and toning equipment

The first song that played when I hit the shuffle symbol was “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” by Deniece Williams.  I was never a big fan of that song, although I did at one time want to be as cool as Ren McCormack.  I let the song play on though.  While she sang the praises of her man it got me thinking.  Maybe all of us that work for a living should receive some accolades.  Perhaps there should be a ticker tape parade in our honor whenever the work week is complete.  When do I get my grown-up trophy?

I liked the idea of patting myself on the back so much that I pressed the repeat symbol on the radio.  Let’s hear it for me!  What an outstanding effort I have made this week!  I drug my weary self out of bed every morning this week and drove into town to make a living.  I endured all of the nonsense that comes with being an employee and I didn’t even tell the management what was really on my mind (there is another award for those that do).  The instinct to run weaving texters off the road on the way home has been suppressed successfully every day.  I’m knocking grown-up out of the park!

Maybe we have become a little spoiled in our country today.  The sense of entitlement that infects America may very well be our downfall.  In our youth here we are given trophies for participation while the All Stars are chosen in private.  There is no incentive to perform, just show up.  This has carried over into the work place.  I believe that we are all special. That does not mean that anyone owes you or me anything.  Work is a part of life.  Taking responsibility for feeding your family and yourself is part of being a grown-up.  It is not always exciting and is never glamorous but it is a fact of life.  So we plod along, making our way the best we can.Work gloves

I went back to shuffling after I grew weary from my self-celebration.  Kenny Loggins sang to me about going into the “Danger Zone” which fittingly coincided with my crossing into Blount County, Alabama.  That also inspired me to watch Top Gun again, just to see if Goose made it this time.  He did not.  There was no marching band playing when I got in from work at the end of this week.  My incredible efforts did not make the evening news.  I was looked over once again for being awarded the grown-up trophy.  There is a reward for my work though.  The family was fed and we had a comfortable home to sleep in one more night.  I also had a Butterfinger cupcake waiting for me on the  kitchen table.  I think that is enough.

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