A Cup of Coffee and A View

A Cup of Coffee and A View

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Things are getting out of hand. People are at each other’s throats wherever you go.  I’m not sure where we are headed but if we don’t turn it around I don’t think we will like where we end up. Maybe we all need to take a step back. I’m not sure if I have all the answers but I highly recommend a cup of coffee and a view.Coffee on my porch

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You think I’m a simpleton, I know. It’s got me this far. I wonder if we all don’t need to simplify things a little. I have long considered hermitizing myself but I suspect the backlash from those people that reside with me would be unbearable. Sometimes I get a little worked up over the state of things. That’s when I have to find a coffee maker and a porch.

It doesn’t matter where the porch is. You just need to have something else to look at besides one of the political parties’ news networks. Also, drop social media for a few minutes. They will all be waiting for you when you get back. I prefer a good cup of black coffee with my porch-sitting but if you need to sugar it up then feel free. You can try it without the coffee all together but I think you will lose something like that. The only requirement for this event is to just sit and think. Forget about the world for a while or maybe think about your neighbor’s view.

I have been blessed in my life to pontificate on many porches. The sunrise at Monument Valley from a hotel porch there is breathtaking.  The aroma of a fresh brewed cup combined with the smell of the ocean blowing in from the Gulf of Mexico is an old friend. There is nothing like the feeling of hot java coursing through your veins as you rock in a chair on a mountain cabin porch gazing out across Georgia’s Blue Ridge. Then there is the porch at my Alabama home, where I’ve done most of my thinking, if you call it that.Coffee at the beach

Once a Pharisee asked Jesus what the greatest commandment was. Jesus gave him two, which he said we’re closely related. The first was to love God with all your heart. The second was to love your neighbor as yourself.  It seems to me that we have got a long way from that. Maybe we need to examine these ancient principles again. So find a porch with a view and a cup of coffee and consider love for a while. It won’t kill you and maybe, just maybe, it will give us all a little hope for tomorrow. We need that more than ever.



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  1. Chris,
    My pastor says this often. People need to get back to the days of front porch gatherings, a good cup of coffee, and talking about the goodness of God in our lives. I’m so glad that I ran across your page, while reading Tim Cunningham’s post. Keep it up, and I’ll share it.

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