The Miracle of Today and How It Has Nothing To Do With The Eclipse

The Miracle of Today and How It Has Nothing To Do With The Eclipse

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Some days are marked for significance in time.  The build up for today has been intense. Preparation has been made for this miracle of a day to arrive.  The excitement has been akin to that of waiting on Santa Clause at Christmas. I can’t believe it is finally here. Today is our eighteenth wedding anniversary. Oh, and someone said something about an eclipse too.

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Okay, so the eclipse means more to you than our anniversary.  I suspected it might. When I weigh it out for me, however, the anniversary is far and away  more important. This day for most everyone else is special because an eclipse is such a rare event. The lining up of celestial things like this is a wonder to behold. I’ll give you that much but it still, in my heart, pales in comparison to the fact that I am married to my best friend.

To understand the wonder of this marriage I need to take you back a ways. You see, I wasn’t one in my early years that was fit for domestication.  In fact I may still not be but she makes it worth any sacrifice I may make. It wasn’t that I was so much of a catch but I just had no desire to settle down. If it is amazing that she married me, and it is, then it is unfathomable that she stayed with me this long. I’m not sure why she has stayed but I know that every day with her has made me a better man.

Eighteen years has brought a lot of changes to our life. We have teenage kids now, who apparently are aging at the speed of light. I suspect it has something to do with all the advances in technology because I remember one summer in my youth being longer than their entire lives. She and I move a little slower these days.  Time is showing it’s effect on me but somehow she is more beautiful than she has ever been.  There have been scary moments and times when prayers have been answered. It’s been a wild ride so far but I have never wanted off. We never fight, because she has a good and patient heart. I married up, no doubt, and I know how blessed I truly am.

This day means more to me than a few hours of darkness.  I am not saying that an eclipse is not a spectacular thing. I believe it is an act of God. It shows the order of the universe that He has put in motion and maintains eternally. I believe that my marriage is a part of that same order. The sun and moon do not waver in their duties. They will line up today just like God has ordered. The miracle of today is that as hard-headed and impatient as I am, my wife has stayed with me.  I don’t need special glasses to see it. It is obvious to me. So enjoy your eclipse today. I’ve got bigger fish to fry.

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  1. Happy Anniversary my friend, may it be the best you and Delilah has ever had. I wish you many more years together.

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