The Art of Minding My Own Business

The Art of Minding My Own Business

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Sometimes I mess up.  It turns out that I have a few imperfections.  Sometimes, even when I know what’s right, I do the opposite.  I know it’s hard for you to believe this kind of thing about me but it is true.  I am flawed to the core. The good thing about knowing this about me is that it has helped to teach me a new trait.  It is called the art of minding my own business.

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Our hyper-connected world today has put us in one another’s homes. I know where my neighbor went on vacation, who is dating who, what the guy across town had for dinner and that some person from high school couldn’t sleep last night.  I enjoy the connecting side of social media.  It is good to catch up with old friends.  It also helps me to know when people need my help or prayers. There are good points to being hooked up like we are.

So how can I say that I am skilled at the art of minding my own business.  Well, you see, when I see other people mess up I know that they are flawed like me.  So I do not revel in their misery. I have no desire to share their misfortune or bad decision with the rest of my contacts.  I have learned that there is no benefit to the spreading of short-comings.  If what I am going to post is not going to benefit others, even if it’s just to make them laugh for a moment, then I really don’t need to share it.  I told you I’m flawed so for those of you that are about to scale my Facebook wall right now, know that I have probably not been 100% on my positive posts either.  That’s why I call it an art. It takes some work to mind your own business but it is worth the effort.

Before all of you traditionalists jump on the anti-internet band wagon let me share this thought with you.  Social media has merely magnified the characteristics that we have always had.  Do you think that when telephones were hooked up on party lines that some seeker of information did not listen in to get the goods on a neighbor?  I have nothing but respect for little old church ladies but I am persuaded that sometimes their conversation wasn’t always about the Golden Rule.  The price of beef wasn’t all that the old men at the country store were talking about. No, gossip is nothing new.

I ain’t mad at none of you.  I have done and said things in my life that churned in my gut for years.  I am just suggesting to all of us that maybe we need to stick to our own affairs sometimes.  I am not saying that I want to disappear. I want to help all of you in any way I can. I am simply saying that I have enough on my plate every day to keep me busy.  That is what I mean by minding my own business.  If I try to look on your plate to see if something is burned then it could leave a bad taste in my mouth too. I might even choke on it.

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