Sandbagging: Are You Really Giving It Your All?

Sandbagging: Are You Really Giving It Your All?

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It turns out I’m pretty lazy.  I know you that know me are aware of this.  It just hurts to admit it.  I think it’s more than just slothfulness though. Sometimes it’s the fear of stepping out.  That’s why I have become a pro at the practice of sandbagging.Sandbagging

I am probably not the best at anything you can think of.  I suspect that I am not the worst at most things either.  The comfort of not stepping out is the essence of sandbagging.  If I keep a little in reserve then failure is less likely.  Nobody wants to be the one that played all of their cards and came up short.

Another advantage to sandbagging is low expectations.  If you don’t know that I can do better then I don’t have to do as much.  This one is great for the classroom and on the job site as well.  Occasionally I may slip up and do a good job but the rest of the herd will call me down before things get out of hand. You see, if the sandbagger really tries then it may be revealed that everyone else can do better as well.  This means higher expectations across the board.  Nobody really wants that, do they?

My son took some tests a few weeks ago.  It was the kind that showed a student’s progress and ability compared with the rest of the class.  Turns out that he ranked pretty high.  The trouble was that it wasn’t consistent with his academic performance.  I told him not to lay back just because others do.  It was real father-son stuff, give it your all and never quit.  Then I considered where he had learned to do this.  That is when I realized that the sandbagger had become the hypocrite.Boy Scout Coin

I’m not saying I’m anything special.  I just know that I can do a little more than I do. I have it figured that the majority of us are that way.  The special few that really give their all are the ones that are successful.  Even if they fall short, they have put it all out there.  They learn from their failure, if we can call it that, and continue pressing forward.  The other day at work I sat and wondered how I got there.  It’s a good job but that’s really all it is.  I think that probably I’m where I am now because I’ve been sandbagging since high school.  I tried in elementary school but somewhere I fell short and someone laughed or something.  So I started to hold back. Imagine where I could be if I had done my best all along the way.  Think about where you could be had you done the same.  I apologise to the minority of you that have done all you can.  This is for the rest of us that are holding back.  What if we all did our best today, at whatever our hands find to do?  I am persuaded that it would send shockwaves around the world. You might even surprise yourself.

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