The Truth About The Social Media Rant (Some of Y’all Need to Relax)

The Truth About The Social Media Rant (Some of Y’all Need to Relax)

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I grew up in a sheltered world.  We lived out in the country and my father was a railroader so we didn’t get out much.  When we did it was to places like church or to visit family.  I went to a small school where most of the kids led a similar life. I know that the sophisticates frown on such a life because it leads to a narrow world view.  As I grew older I thought maybe my thinking was narrow.  I have decided as of late, mainly due to the enlightenment I have aquired from the phenomenon of the social media rant, that I was probably doing better in my small world.

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When I was in my twenties I attended a college.  I even have the document to prove it (I think it’s in the attic). There I discovered that people think different. That is fine by me. I do not presume that I know much of anything nor do I believe that my way is always right.  But I wasn’t in class all day so I wasn’t constantly bombarded with opposing viewpoints.  Let’s be real honest here and admit that we really don’t want to hear each other’s convictions all day long.  Sometimes we just want to talk about what we ate for supper or the dumb thing we said to the clerk at the Piggly Wiggly.  Life doesn’t always have to be a protest.

Somewhere between my college days and now we all got connected. We started out sending emails to one another occasionally.  Then someone started MySpace and we began to get a little more information on each other. Now we have so much access to one another through all of the social media mediums that we drive each other crazy.  Just don’t look , you say.  Come on, you know we are not cut like that.  We have to keep up with each other now because there is no way we could go back to minding our own business. We’ve gone to far.

Now we keep up with each other daily, just to help out, of course. It doesn’t stop there though. We have also decided that if we rant and rail long enough against someone else’s stand that somehow the other side will change their view.  Then there is the bandwagon ranter that usually doesn’t even check the facts of the original rant but chimes in with all the passion he can muster.  We will sacrifice the facts for the feeling of approval from the tribe.  That has always been the truth of human nature but now it is magnified by social media.

I can hear you now as you think this over.  What do you stand for then, since you don’t join in the rant? Well, I’m for Jesus first.  He’s done more for me than any of you.  I think family is pretty important too.  I adore my wife and think I should do all I can to take care of her.  I’m for love, like Hank Jr. said.  I also believe in evenings on the front porch listening to crickets and bullfrogs tell me how their day went. That’s pretty much it.  So there you have it.  Let me assure you that these views will never change because of what someone decides to rant about on social media.  So just relax a little bit next time you are online.  Nobody is going to change their mind anyways.

3 Replies to “The Truth About The Social Media Rant (Some of Y’all Need to Relax)”

  1. I wish people would relax more and worry more about their own lives than what whatever the flavor of the day happens to be! Some minds can be changed, but most people want to rant more than debate.

  2. Yes, most people are too set in their ways to change. Even when change would do them good, they refuse. I stopped trying to change peoples minds on social media years ago. Now, I just stick to what my kids are doing, places I visit, and humor.

  3. As a millennial, I agree it has gone too far with social media. I am very interested to see how those platforms and internet use in general evolves in the next 7-10 years when I am in my early-mid 30s.
    While you make some great insights, and in general do people need to relax on social media; I do think that factually accurate “rants” that advance our basic human rights for women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, minorities, freedom of choice, or other controversial topics that challenge someone’s sexist, racist, or homophobic “personal views” are extremely important to share, to educate and to change people’s minds about.

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