What If You Never Try “Running Down A Dream”?

What If You Never Try “Running Down A Dream”?

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Tom Petty passed on last week.  I don’t know that I ever thought much about his music through the years.  I found some of his tunes on Amazon Prime this week on my daily commute, rolled down the truck windows and let it fly.  I was impressed as I listened just how many of his songs I knew.  Memories flooded through my soul as the southern breeze swept through the cab of my pick-up.  I’m not sure how the wind currents work but I think maybe this air was from somewhere around Gainseville.  Sometime during the trip, while I was lost in my own past, “Running Down A Dream” came on.  That made me think on where I am now.Running Down A Dream

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I had a friend back in the day that loved “I Won’t Back Down.”  He lived life that way and that’s why people loved him.  When a challenge came he met it full force.  We were young then and full of life.  The future would always be there, we thought, and nothing could get in our way.  That young man lost his life in an accident when we were twenty-one years old.  I was six days younger than him.  I think about him all these years later and wonder what he would have become.  I believe that it would have been something grand.  I look at my life now and wonder sometimes if maybe I haven’t settled.  Maybe I haven’t tried “Running Down A Dream”.

It’s not an easy thing to look at your own heart sometimes.  Obligations and expectations shape our days and nights until we forget who we really are.  “Free Fallin” turned up during my trip.  I think that sums up how I feel some days.  It all runs together and feels out of control.  We just suck it up and keep going during those times.  That’s just how life goes, “We Tell Ourselves” (Sorry, I had Clint Black on one day before the Petty cruise.)  We become creatures of habit and throw out what really stirs us up.  Every now and then though I stop and catch my breath.  I wonder if maybe I am not in my element.

I am careful not to take my life for granted.  That is why I get these feelings that I can do more sometimes.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate what I have.  I just know that I haven’t always been true to myself.  There are times when I get down and out.  I look at the rest of y’all and think “You Don’t Know How It Feels.”  In those low times I just want to hang it all up.  Then, when I am at my lowest, “Here Comes My Girl.”  She always knows what to say to get me out of my wretched state.   That’s the beauty of life.  When we think we are washed up it seems there is always someone who can show us that things ain’t all that bad.  So then we can get back in the swing of things.  We don’t have to live like a “Refugee.”Artist

Tonight I watched part of a documentary on Tom Petty.  I am always amazed when I watch stories about musicians.  They always seem to just put it all out there to get where they want to go.  I wish I had more of that in me.  I think that is probably the way that great art gets its legs.  What if the singer never sang?  Suppose that the painter puts down her brush.  Imagine a world where the writer forfeits his pen.  The hard part of creation is the exposure to the rest of the world that comes with it.  I am without shelter when I open up and write about what I feel sometimes.  If you and I never leave our comfort zone then how will we know what we could have done.  What if we never try  “Running Down  A Dream”?




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  1. I didn’t listen to a lot of his music but I can so relate to this post and Free Fallin pretty much sums up my life right now too. I think when we look at ourselves, it looks like a big, tangled mess, but when other people look at us, they think we truly have it together. I’m beginning to realize that it’s all about perception.

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