On The Passing of Time, And That Lousy Feeling Inside When You Realize It

On The Passing of Time, And That Lousy Feeling Inside When You Realize It

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The boy and I went fishing today.  It was cool this morning as we walked through our neighbor’s pasture.  He talked all the while about which side of the pond we should go to, whether or not the cows would attack us and where we could go next if the fish were not biting.  It turns out that the fish did not participate, so our stay was short.  As we walked back to the house I thought about how quickly he has grown.  I considered the passing of time.

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My daughter was not out of bed when we got home. Apparently that’s typical of teenage girls.  She, like the boy, has grown at an alarming rate. It would be a few more hours until she honored us with her presence.  That is apparently another typical attitude of teenage girls, the notion that the rest of us should be humbled when they arrive.  But later in the day she did come around.  She is taller than her mother and can almost look me in the eye. I remember when they gave her to us at the hospital and pushed us out the door.   It seemed like every car we met on the way home was trying to crash into us and our new baby.  I had no idea what to do. I still don’t.  That’s how it goes with the passing of time.

My wife and I talked this evening about how we are getting older.  It doesn’t seem so far back that I stood in the church as she walked down the aisle toward me. I must have looked goofy standing there grinning. I couldn’t feel my extremities but my heart was right.  I knew I was marrying up and I just hoped the rest of them hadn’t noticed.  If they were wise to me they could have warned her.  I’m glad she didn’t come to her senses.  I love her more now than ever, and she has stuck it out.  Oh, the passing of time.

I have seen loved ones leave here.  There have also been new people coming here too. I can’t claim to have it figured out.  This is how it is designed.  Days turn into weeks, then months, then years.  We would like to put the brakes on sometimes but that wouldn’t be right.  I remember that longing to move on from home when I was young. These kids she and I have tried to raise will get that unction soon too.  That’s just how it goes with the passing of time.Mom and daughter

I don’t know how to do justice to these fleeting moments as I write these words. I can’t really show you here just how it feels in my heart. When I consider what they call the empty nest it feels like a kick to the gut.  It’s passing so quickly and tonight as I realize it, I feel lousy.  I try to soak up every moment I can but I just can’t do it all.  I think that’s why I needed to write this.  Not to warn you of this phenomenon because you already know about it too. I just wanted you to know that I feel the same way you do about it. We can’t stop it so just hang on and ride.  It’s going to happen, the passing of time.


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  1. I have a children’s book I read called Let Me Hold You Longer. I accidentally found it years ago in the children’s section at the local library, due to pretty illustrations. It reminds me to hold on to each moment in time. Life does seem to go to fast and we need to cherish every tender moment we have with our families. Great writing!! I enjoyed reading this tonight.

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