The Journey

The Journey

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I never knew early on that I was headed anywhere.  Days ran into nights, sunsets into sunrises.  Summers that went on forever turned into school days that moved like molasses. It always seemed that time was irrelevant. Things would stay the same.  Little did I know that I was going somewhere. I couldn’t see that I was on a journey.

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They say to trust in your heart. My heart told me that things would never change.  Sometimes the heart is a liar. It will deceive you at your most vulnerable moments and tell you that where you are now is a perfect place that will never change.  Then complacency sets in and we take things for granted. We forget to live with all we have because tomorrow may not come.

The thing about my journey is sometimes I forget that you are on one too. We become self-absorbed and try to hold on to others that have their on trip to make.  We assume that our fellow travelers are on the same path so they will always be there for us.  The harsh reality is that loved ones come and go.  The even harder truth is sometimes they choose to leave.

Daily I look into eyes of acquaintances and even strangers and don’t see where they are headed. They have someplace to be too.  We gaze on one another and assume we know what each of us are up to. Some are on a terrible trip while others are reaching higher. Oh, if we just accepted that our journey is different and move on how much better the world would be.  We might even learn to help each other get where we are going.

In my time here I have seen folks come and go. They seemed permanent at the time but now I know that they were not.  I see now that I am temporarily here as well.  I wish that daily I would remember that I am on a journey. How much time would I have spent in worthwhile pursuits instead of burning daylight like I was assured of it tomorrow? The great folly of humanity is the illusion of permanent residence here.  This fault has robbed men and women of full and peaceful lives throughout the ages.  To recognize that the thread that holds our life is frail is to begin to know how to love.  I want you to know that I see now you are a sojourner here on Earth.  I hope you remember that I’m on a journey too.

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