What Makes A Writer A Writer?

What Makes A Writer A Writer?

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The thing about saying you are a writer is that it’s a label only you can give yourself. If I’m employed in a profession like, say, railroading then other people can look and agree that yes, you are indeed a railroader. But to claim to be a writer is a step out. Is it even a profession at all? Sure it is, if you’re Hemingway or Faulkner but what about the moonlighter like me. What makes a writer a writer?Writer

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I’ve bought a domain name with a touch of irony. Surely that makes me a writer. Well, maybe that’s not enough. So I purchased a host subscription and started a blog. That’s it. I’m officially a writer. Or not. Perhaps it’s that I say that I am in my Facebook profile. I don’t know exactly what the criteria is. What makes a writer a writer?

I’ve read a lot of the classics. I studied under some great high school lit teachers. They could be writers and probably are. I even passed of few college courses on literature. But it wasn’t my focus. I was a history major. I wrote a few papers for that. They usually gave me a B or C.  None of the professors ever dubbed me a writer. The other students didn’t either.  I don’t think they had a degree that proclaimed a writer had graduated. Maybe there was a certificate program that I missed. What makes a writer a writer?

I’ve seen other people on social media who said they were a writer. Who am I to doubt it? They have the profile to prove it. I’m sure they have lovely work to go along with their claim.  I don’t know who decided they were writers though.  We live in a world that says structure is a necessity for attainment.  How can people just sit down and start writing and then have the nerve to claim they are a writer without proper documentation? What makes a writer a writer?Diploma

I do not write every day, but something inside says I should. I have not published everything that I have written. I just had to get that stuff out.  Expression is a necessity for all of us. We all must create something.  The way I like to do that is by putting my thoughts into print.  My wandering narratives and dim-witted scribbles may never reach more than a few people, but at least I gave it a run.  I got it from my head to your eyes.  You may not read anything else that I write but you cannot argue with this claim.  Good or bad, I am a writer.




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