Who Is The Occasional Optimist? Learn More Here

Who Is The Occasional Optimist? Learn More Here

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Hi.  I am Chris Darden, for better or worse.  I married up and have two wonderful children.  I work full time at a class one railroad. I teach a Sunday School class (as long as they will have me) at Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church.  I have a B.A. in history from Jacksonville State University.  I am also an aspiring writer.  If all of these things seem unrelated it is because they are.  They all do, however, make up a little of who I am.  Perhaps, when I grow up, I can decide what I should be. Until then, I will continue to live.


So why do this? My goal is simply to help pick you up a little a couple of times a week. I am just a working class bum that has learned that we all get down from time to time. I am Southern and a Christian (and apologize for neither) so my writing will obviously reflect both but I know that fears and failures are common to us all. I hope that my little spot here will help people from all walks of life. So sit back and enjoy . I also need help with my life so feel free to comment on any post. Thank you for stopping by.