The Rainout

Driving home from work late one night last week it started raining.  Then it really began to pour.  I persistently carried on through the blinding deluge because I was going away from work.  Had I been going to the job I am certain I would have turned and went back to the house. As I pressed on I
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The ebb and flow of life can sometimes be a little much for us it seems. Lately for me it feels like the days are flying by and things just keep piling up. Once something gets fixed then another problem shows up. I often find myself becoming increasingly frustrated to the point of giving up.
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What Do I Know?

Let me begin by saying how delighted I am that you would take the time to stop by my little slice of cyberspace. Since you are here I will assume that you, like me, are a person that has a life full of ups and downs. I sometimes find myself on the mountain top while
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