Pelican chillin' on his own

I’ve been studying on a strange fellow today. It’s not that I’m any better than he is. It’s just that he is a little different from me and that intrigues me. I guess he probably thinks that I am odd looking too. He would not be alone in that sentiment. They call this odd bird
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The Place Where The Ocean Meets The Sky

There is something about the beach. I have been to a couple of different ones in my time. They all have their own personalities that I enjoy. Then there is the one thing that they all have in common. When you gaze out from the land across the sea there is always that far away
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When The Tide Comes In

She and I love to travel. We will load up the car with hastily packed luggage, a couple of pillows for the ride and the other two people that reside at our place.  Sometimes we do not even know where we are headed until we get moving down the road. This is how we have always
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