Like Me

No doubt there are many things from my youth that I do not recall. Isn’t it strange that things like humiliation and rejection often remain vivid in our mind? I remember like it was yesterday the green corduroy pants that my mom made me wear in elementary school. I was dubbed “Mr. Greenjeans”, which for
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My Muse

To be inspired to create is a difficult pursuit.  Many days fall by the wayside in a sea of monotony that is a product of our modern world.  We become so engrossed in the getting of bread that we forget to be.  I believe that we all have an innate desire to build or compose
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The Illusion of Friday

Sometime during my work week, usually around lunch on Tuesday, I begin to search for something.  I dig deep in the back of my mind, which can be dangerous, trying to envision just what it is that I can’t find.  I started out fresh on Monday, I recall, but it seems that I lost that
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