Inspire us to know you

I know a few of you reading this post. In fact with the limited reach that my blog has, I am most likely kin to you. If you have followed this stuff for any amount of time you probably know me better than I know you. That’s the drawback to blogging. I ramble on mindlessly
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The Soul of a Middle-Aged Rambler

The wind is up in Marathon today. Dark clouds have rolled in and it looks like rain is imminent. Porch furniture is sliding around and crashing into railings, making the weather sound much more severe than it actually is. Palm fronds are blowing by, leaving their swaying trees forever. Things look different here today. Change
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The Truth About Home

During a simpler time I remember home and all that entailed.  It seemed to me that the place where I lived would always be the same.  I spent my youth growing up there and I never considered that I would leave.  There was a comfort there at that place that could not come from anywhere
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